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By adding mailroom and payment processing
to your medical bill review solution.

Mailroom and payment processing functions were once a common and expected business expense. Managing these functions in-house requires dedicated staff, office space, and expensive equipment that must be maintained. Increasingly, more businesses are realizing the benefits of outsourcing mailroom and payment processing services.

By consolidating the bill workflow from initial mailroom intake through payment processing, you can better manage operational processes without losing management control over bill decisions. This allows claims teams to focus on higher-value tasks and enhances the claim experience for both claims professionals and the patients you serve.

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When you outsource mailroom and payment processing as part of your medical bill review program, you can enjoy the simplicity of an end-to-end business process that:

  • Increases operational efficiencies
  • Reduces administrative costs & fines
  • Accelerates payments
  • Improves medical provider satisfaction
  • Relieves the stress of managing essential, yet non-core functions

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Rising helps large employer achieve award-winning results

County receives national award for end-to-end
mailroom, bill review, and payment processing solution

For the second most populous county in the nation, Rising helped lower costs and improve operational efficiencies. The solution resulted in:

  • 700,000 pages of bills and medical records received and digitized
  • 48% improvement in bill processing speed
  • 90% improvement in payment speed
  • 99.8% reduction in payment handling volume
  • Avoidance of approximately $100,000 in interest penalties that were assessed the previous year
  • Increased savings of $2.5 million over prior vendor