Master Tomorrow's Outcomes, by Connecting Today's Data.


Discover the Power of a Connected Solution

No matter how powerful AI or analytics may be at identifying and predicting risk, it's not nearly as effective without connecting disconnected data.

The secret to better outcomes begins with consolidating all available data sources. Each bit of data is like a puzzle piece. The better you fit them together, the clearer the whole picture becomes.

Rising's Ultimate Care connects claims, medical, and bill review data to provide a comprehensive risk profile for every claim, at every step. And if risk factors change during an employee’s recovery journey, our continuous data feedback loop triggers rapid care interventions to optimally reroute employees along the way.

With Ultimate Care, you can improve tomorrow’s outcomes – by connecting today’s data.

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Ultimate Care delivers: 

  • Proven Risk Assessments: From the start, Rising’s registered nurses use risk assessment tools to conduct employee interviews and guide them to the most suitable care pathway.
  • Continuous Real-Time Monitoring: We then connect claims, medical, and bill review data with AI and predictive analytics to continuously evaluate profiles and instantly identify changes in risk.
  • Dynamic Employee Routing: With our connected data approach, we redirect employees to appropriate interventions, ensuring they receive exactly the care they need to complete their journey back to work and life sooner.
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